22 December 2009

RIP 2009

So yesterday, if you havent heard, Brittany Murphy died. Its sad that she's one of them but please let her be the last one of the year 2009. Patrick Swayze, Michael, Farrah, my uncle...(the ones that i know of) lost their lives in''09'' Its like their deaths signify the ending of this decade and its too surreal to believe. Brittany played in a movie that really got me and kinda acted out parts of my life in both characters: Molly(Brittany) and Ray (Dakota Fanning) in the movie "Uptown Girls". My mom bought that movie and we watched it together a couple of times, but that was in 2003. Funny how we see something one day happening to someone else or something on TV, and the next day its actually happening to us. Who knew Ray was gonna be me a year later, jus w/o the Nanny or being rich. The things we can't quite understand are the things we turn away from the most.
They say she died of natural causes. You dont just die of natural causes at 32, its not normal especially right before Chirstmas. Its too fast. Time doesnt give us enough of the living. But it gives us all the time left in the world to grieve the dead.

My mom died 4 days b4 my 12th b-day. Ive been thrh the 5 stages thing, prob. the anger & depression stage the most. Acceptance was a bliss. i was lost & no one knew how to help, & i didnt have much of a good support system. She was my roc & the only person i could really tlk to. Not many ppl can say that. Sumtimes i didnt give a shit about ppl, i was selfish but that wasnt always helpful. In the end all i needed was Paper & pen & wrote my grief & anger away. I write to deal w/ grief..   RIP Brittany Murphy
-comment response to shanedawson on youtube

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