05 April 2010

This is kinda late - Hello Easter

Hello Easter, for the day has come and gone.
Hello Easter, the day on which Jesus was passed on,

Hello Easter, you’ve brought some depth of  gathering to pass on,
Goodbye Easter, until next year.

April 5, 2010 4:00am
 Hello Easter

Today was Easter.
But not your typical holiday.
Few people were here, though it should have been many.
Back in the day like it once was before,
when everyone came over and shared some jokes LOLROTF (laughing out loud rolling on the floor)
Too bad parts of them were beefin’
Half the time I felt like sleepin’
It was a holiday and nothing more,
Cousins you see once a year, they knocked on the door,
Made suggestions “we’ll see each other a little more”
Suggestions they really don’t mean,
cause the next time you see them, is another year to score….?