19 January 2010


Is wanting to be equal thought unfair,
By those who hold the cards and all the shots,
Or is it wanting your fair share really unfair,
If having everything creates ''have nots''

Oh, whould that eyes were blind to skin's dark blue,
If only hearts were judged instead of race,
There'd be no outward clues for us to view,
We'd have treat as equal every face.

I cry
I cry when a family member die,
I cry when i don't get pie,
I cry when there is no hope,
I cry when a family friend smokes dope.

Dishes and me
Oh, every time I look and see,
Those dirty dishes in the sink,
The food is drying hard as tar,
I come to cease and then I think,

What if I didn't do them now,
What if I let them sit and stink,
The devil on my shoulder says,
Just snack and rinse and go back to sleep.

On a verge we amerge,
To face the fights of life,
Screaming, ''it's a deadly knife'',
For what we'll face and what we don't
It's life you see, and now you won't,
From what you've seen or what you've heard,
Is all merely nonsense, Incredibly absurd.

The Poor
Seeing a child sleep on the ground,
Makes me sad, for you should agree,
A miracle i wish, astounds,
To live a life, there is no fee

Here lives a meal in front of me,
Cant take another bite, I think,
There they sleep where it is stormy,
Another dies before I blink.