25 December 2009

Happy Holidays

A couple of weeks ago, me and my cousin thought it'd be a good idea to send our aunt my wishlist but as a joke. and she responded as we thought she would in email "Thats nice, but i dont have no money''
anyway, i got another email from her later comfirming details about a Kill Bill poster i wanted to put in my apartment next year. I love getting my not really, i never get my way, Im so poor *sigh*
I think, what really did it was the picture of my puppy dog eyes i send her, the email was kind of heartfelt & sad & how this was going to be my last christmas in this house before i move to NY...yea
That, Im good at. So if you ever need a actress who's terribly good at lying, puppy dog eyes, schemeing, all thee above; Im here for you.....
For only $9.99 ;)
Happy Holidays!

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