28 January 2011

Clips from a past year.

GoogleDocs - After searching thru what seems like millions of saved docs on my google docs account, I found this old thing. Damn, I seemed depressed. Which I was of course. At least I was a bit optimistic. Its true what they say, "Surround yourself with people who will inspire & lecture you for the good. And slowly, anything seems to fall into place".

13 July 2010

Famous Dave's

Saturday, July 10th 2010

They say, no one can truly understand what one is going through unless they experience it for themselves. I say, this statement is completely and utterly true.

Sometimes I wonder just how much different things would be if I didnt exist. This is my daily feeling living at the Ewald Residence - feeling as if a dont exist. Why? Because 75% of the fucking time everybody takes time out of their daily busy lives to forget that I have a deceased mother and father who is dead-to-me. They don't realize nor understand my struggle & what its like to live here alone with neither one of my parents to help guide me: financially or faithfully.  So if i have neither parents to buy me things whether a need or want; take me out to some festivities downtown, etc. Then who the hell will? 24hours locked up in this god forsaken dome as pretty much hell to me. Lonely with a chance of insanity. Farthest from your ideal, Home Sweet Home. Fuck my feelings. "Lets all go out to dinner or to a festival and leave Ge at home, alone. Where she can sit in misery hating and possibly embracing the fact that she's an orphan. Fuck her feelings. Lets all not invite her an purpose, cause lets face it, we have our own damn families to pay for."
Saturday, July 10th 2010 I was informed of a certain little outing that apparently, I wasn't supposed to be apart of. It was extremely clear that my invitation was indirect and that my accompany would only be a burden in wasting more gas money. Typical, a typical day in the life of me. A so called burden, most common in the category of "your not worth mileage(gas)". And its not fair. I am the last will. And its true, i am. I am the very last person they think about. I should be used to this kind of stuff anymore. Im nearly an orphan. And thats what orphans are: They get left behind.

03 July 2010

Being Creative

I think anyone who's interested in expressing their creativity is interested in Art in general, such as music & photography. I know i am. I spend a long time debating what the hell am i supposed to do for a career, major in? All i had to ask myself was, "what do i like or love" - Being creative. And what could be better than waking up every morning to get paid for something you like or love. As a result, I applied to The Art Institute.

19 May 2010

New Web Series coming soon!


Last Sunday, i took an interest in watching the Lifetime channel. (dont judge me, there was nothing else on) A movie called "Human Trafficking" was on. And it was one of those movies that make you literally yell at the characters on the screen, despite the fact that *its not real and they cant hear you*.


lol, get the point. I think Human Trafficking awareness is greatly needed! Someone need to puts these assholes in tact. And what better way to do that by creating short skits about a epic kick-ass female hunting down these bastards one by one. It'll prob. be like the movie "Taken" mixed with "Angel of Death".
Check out Angel of Death, if you've never heard of it. There's 10 webisode, starring Zoe Bell.

05 April 2010

This is kinda late - Hello Easter

Hello Easter, for the day has come and gone.
Hello Easter, the day on which Jesus was passed on,

Hello Easter, you’ve brought some depth of  gathering to pass on,
Goodbye Easter, until next year.

April 5, 2010 4:00am
 Hello Easter

Today was Easter.
But not your typical holiday.
Few people were here, though it should have been many.
Back in the day like it once was before,
when everyone came over and shared some jokes LOLROTF (laughing out loud rolling on the floor)
Too bad parts of them were beefin’
Half the time I felt like sleepin’
It was a holiday and nothing more,
Cousins you see once a year, they knocked on the door,
Made suggestions “we’ll see each other a little more”
Suggestions they really don’t mean,
cause the next time you see them, is another year to score….?

10 February 2010

My first posterous.

Who I used to be, and who i am, are two completely different people. Who i was, had four imprtant things in her life:
1. The mom
2. self-assurance
3. faith
4. a troop of friends

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19 January 2010


Is wanting to be equal thought unfair,
By those who hold the cards and all the shots,
Or is it wanting your fair share really unfair,
If having everything creates ''have nots''

Oh, whould that eyes were blind to skin's dark blue,
If only hearts were judged instead of race,
There'd be no outward clues for us to view,
We'd have treat as equal every face.

I cry
I cry when a family member die,
I cry when i don't get pie,
I cry when there is no hope,
I cry when a family friend smokes dope.

Dishes and me
Oh, every time I look and see,
Those dirty dishes in the sink,
The food is drying hard as tar,
I come to cease and then I think,

What if I didn't do them now,
What if I let them sit and stink,
The devil on my shoulder says,
Just snack and rinse and go back to sleep.

On a verge we amerge,
To face the fights of life,
Screaming, ''it's a deadly knife'',
For what we'll face and what we don't
It's life you see, and now you won't,
From what you've seen or what you've heard,
Is all merely nonsense, Incredibly absurd.

The Poor
Seeing a child sleep on the ground,
Makes me sad, for you should agree,
A miracle i wish, astounds,
To live a life, there is no fee

Here lives a meal in front of me,
Cant take another bite, I think,
There they sleep where it is stormy,
Another dies before I blink.