16 January 2010

Critiics Choice Movie Awards & a surprising Guest Band

Im watching the Critics Choice Movie Awards, and each time, rite before it goes to commercial, they start playing a song. And i thought, wait that kinda sounds like Nick Jonas. But then agian why would they have Nick playing at the CCMA's? hmm. Then i found out, it was Nick playing at the CCMA's, him and his band. And the point of this is, they sounded really really good. As if they were the actual people who sang those songs, thats how good they sounded.
But anyway, Im wondering and thinking and I thought: Why in hell didnt he just start off his career as jus ''Nick Jonas'' instead of the ''Jonas Brothers''? He wouldve been better off by himself in the beginning....shit, wit songs like that. The kid got a damn good voice. I think he wouldve been more successful, and he prob. would not have even met Miley Cyrus and got involved wit that entire La la land scene. The Jonas brothers were, to me, made up of 3 things: 1. Nick - the voice, 2. Joe -the unnccessary charmer, and 3. Kevin - who the hell knows why he's in the band.

(Pay no attention to this weird VMA - like moment, but why is Meryl looking like '' What the hell is she doing, she just couldnt resist") lol 

When I 1st heard of them, i heard them on the radio, better yet, I heard Nick and he was singing ''Please be mine''. That's the kind of music i thought i became a fan of, apparently until I Youtube'd them and saw those other tinky winky pop-like songs. Then i questioned rather I still wanted to be a fan but with a slight frown on my face.?
 BTW: the intro of the show was hilirious with the whole inglorious bastards scene and stuff, the host killed it :)

15 January 2010

Quentin, Pirates, and Unrealistic Dreams..Fail

Ello Bloggets,
Top of the morning to ya and i dont kno why im typing like this, im not a pirate nor am i a terrorists, so jus ignore this introduction....

I just dreamt Quentin Tarantino created a tv show and held a contest for ONE lucky fan to write a scene for him...and i won. Then i woke up all excited and shit, like that really happened and i really won, until i realized......Epic Fail!